a healthy soak in Merzouga Sandy Dunes

Merzouga is calm during the year but it is very different in summer because it is the suitable time for sand bath. People come in groups and families from different cities of Morocco and all over the world, some of them come especially for the purpose of sand bath in the sands of Merzouga and others for both exploring the region and taking sand bath.

Sand bath is an ancient treatment for curing many diseases such as blood pressure, joints, back and muscles pain. It is usually performed during the hottest months of July and August.

Concerning the method, a hole of the person’s taking the bath size is dug in a hot sand; the hole is left until it becomes hot then the person lies in the hole on his back and covered with the sand. Obviously the head is left uncovered. The heat invades the body up and down for about 10 minutes and maybe more depending on the person’s ability to resist the heat. Afterword, the person is covered in a blanket for about an hour then he/she takes a shower. Anyone intends to take sand bath is advised to visit a doctor before taking the bath. Also, those suffering from heart problems are advised not to take sand bath.


Our staff will accompany you, so they will provide you with tips and any other kind of help you will need during your sand bath processes.



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